About Charter

The underlying motivations for starting Charter were:

• Make a difference in people's day, every day, the best way we know how.

• Utilize our passions/expertise to make an impact in our local community, as well as those communities, when possible and applicable, where we source our products.

After years of planing and preparing beverages (and beverage programs as a whole) for a very select clientele in some of the best restaurants in the world, there was always the question of impact.

Sure, there was an incredible amount of thought, energy, and passion going into that sort of project, but how was this making a difference?  A few handfuls of guests with enough money to spare were sated every night, and hopefully left with a life-long memory of that experience.

We want to make an impact on our community - not just a few elite customers.

We've taken the level of passion, skill, determination, attention to detail, hard work...and most importantly, hospitality and humility, that were honed through more than a decade in some of the most detail-oriented dining experiences, and applied it in looser format to an avenue of the beverage/hospitality industry where it is sorely absent on the whole...the coffee shop.

It is our goal, in the very least, to be a bright moment in your day.

Our grandest intent is to lift our community into a greater place, and through such action, stimulate growth and change in communities far from our home in Brooklyn, New York, but no less connected.